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Journal Entry

June 23, 2008

This morning we worked on modifying previous lesson plans and began our online Cassio (calculator) training. Also, a few participants presented their philosophies of education. One participant presented an informative empirical research article pertaining to mathematics.

Additionally, we worked on completing research articles and enhancing our websites. Then, we began our lesson plans on Geometry. Finally, we revamped our portfolios as preparation for the presentation of our portfolios on tomorrow.

The lesson on empirical research helped me the most today. I learned that computer assisted instruction (CAI) was helpful in increasing the learning of basic mathematics skills among seventh grade students.

Next year, I will implement more computer assisted instruction within my lessons, to foster mathematics achievement among my students.

An assessment for the Cassio activity would be for us to (after we have completed the training) perform a number of functions using the Cassio in order to show mastery of our skills. I will definitely share what I learned about computer assisted instruction and Cassio calculators with my colleagues and those in the district.

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