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Jim Hill High School

Why I Want to be a Teacher
INTASC Standards Reflection (Behavior Management)
INTASC Standards Reflection (Reading)
Model Standards for Beginning Teacher Licensing, Assessment and Development
Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC)
Position Paper: Classroom Management
Position Paper: The Foundation of Every State is its Youth
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April Logs
Empirical Research- Problem Based Learning/ Instruction
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Research Paper- Methods and Strategies of Teaching
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Two Week Lesson Plan (April 21 & April 28) Integrated Theme
Two Week Lesson Plan (March 31) 10 Week Thematic Unit
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My Journey Through Student Teaching
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Position Paper: Rationales for Discrepancies between Abilities and Achievement
Position Paper: The Advantages and Needs of INTASC Standards for Pre-Service Teachers
How INTASC Standards are Applied in my Lesson Plans
Position Paper: Parent Involvement
Behavior Management Mini-Portfolio
What is an Effective Teacher
No Child Left Behind Act
Two Week Lesson Plan (Jan. 28 & Feb. 11) Block Schedule
Two Week Lesson Plan (March 10 & March 25) Block Schedule
Two Week Lesson Plan (Feb. 18 & March 3) Block Schedule
Basic Philosophies of Education
Why I Want to be a Teacher
Philosophy of Education

Why I Want to be a Teacher

When I first came to Tougaloo College, I was very confused and didn’t know which classes to take. As I looked down at the various selections of classes being offered, and after choosing a few general courses, I decided to take a few education courses.

While taking these classes, I noticed something about myself that I never really paid too much attention to before. I noticed that in my math classes, I would be able to grasp the concept of what the teacher was explaining very quickly, much quicker than many of my peers. Also, I found myself many days offering tutorial assistance to my classmates before and after class. I noticed that I could explain intricate math equations in such simple ways. It seemed as though it came natural to me.

One day after finishing a tutorial session, I thought of these things. I thought about how much joy I had when my friends would finally understand an equation. I thought about the excitement of explaining math concepts to them. As I sat thinking, I thought of other qualities that I have, such as having a desire to help people, and the fact that I am kind and patient. It was that very day that I decided that being an educator would be the ideal profession for me. It fit my interest, my abilities, and my values.

The very next semester, I decided to take several other courses, along with some special education courses. Among theses courses were Introduction to Learning Disabilities, Introduction to the Mentally Retarded, Introduction to Exceptional Children, and Physical Education and Recreation for the Exceptional Child.

In the Introduction to Learning Disabilities, Introduction to the Mentally Retarded, Introduction to Exceptional Children classes, I learned a great deal of information. I learned about the several different categories of disabilities and the characteristics of each. I learned of different interventions to assist students with these disabilities. I also learned of the different laws, such as the No Child Left behind Act, the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In the Physical Education and Recreation for the Exceptional Child class, I learned that the activities that the disabled children perform must not in any way aggravate their disability. I also learned of several recreational activities that children with disabilities can participate in. For example, I learned that a student with vision impairment would need a larger, bright colored ball when playing baseball or tennis.

It was after taking these courses that I truly became passionate for exceptional children. I realized my desire to reach out and help those who many others may not have the patience to work with- the disabled. I began to think about the days when I was in school. I thought of the teachers who made me feel uncomfortable and scared to ask a question and I thought of the teachers who I really enjoyed. The teachers who made me feel uncomfortable were very demanding and controlling. The teachers who I enjoyed provided interesting class activities and always encouraged me. They smiled a lot and made sure I understood them when they taught me. I knew that these teachers cared about me. All students, in general education classes or special education classes deserve to have teachers who are patient, caring, and who are compassionate about teaching.

I want to be a teacher for several reasons. I want to be like those teachers who welcomed me into their classrooms. I want students to feel comfortable enough with me to ask me questions. I don’t want students to go without understanding a concept because they were too afraid of me to ask for help. I am caring, loving, helpful, optimistic, patient, compassionate, thoughtful, and gentle. I believe that these qualities were given to me from God specifically for me to be an educator. God equipped me with the characteristics necessary to be an effective teacher. This is why I want to teach.

With my patience, experience, education, and passion, I will be an effective math and special education educator.


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