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Jim Hill High School

INTASC Standards Reflection (Behavior Management)
INTASC Standards Reflection (Reading)
Model Standards for Beginning Teacher Licensing, Assessment and Development
Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC)
Position Paper: Classroom Management
Position Paper: The Foundation of Every State is its Youth
PowerPoint of a Lesson
April Logs
Empirical Research- Problem Based Learning/ Instruction
March Logs
Research Paper- Methods and Strategies of Teaching
February Logs
Two Week Lesson Plan (April 21 & April 28) Integrated Theme
Two Week Lesson Plan (March 31) 10 Week Thematic Unit
Two Week Lesson Plan (April 21 & April 28) Block Schedule
Lesson Plan (Reteaching)
Lesson Plan (Diversity)
Lesson Plan (Technology)
My Journey Through Student Teaching
January Logs
Case Study Reflective Journals
Empirical Research-Assessments
Empirical Research- At-Risk Students
Empirical Research- Teacher Education
Empirical Research- Early Intervention
Position Paper: Rationales for Discrepancies between Abilities and Achievement
Position Paper: The Advantages and Needs of INTASC Standards for Pre-Service Teachers
How INTASC Standards are Applied in my Lesson Plans
Position Paper: Parent Involvement
Behavior Management Mini-Portfolio
What is an Effective Teacher
No Child Left Behind Act
Two Week Lesson Plan (Jan. 28 & Feb. 11) Block Schedule
Two Week Lesson Plan (March 10 & March 25) Block Schedule
Two Week Lesson Plan (Feb. 18 & March 3) Block Schedule
Basic Philosophies of Education
Why I Want to be a Teacher
Philosophy of Education

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1400 Valley Street apt. 102

Jackson, MS 39204



(219) 741-2022

Kassy Johnson


To obtain a teaching position.


08/2004-Present            Tougaloo College                       Jackson, MS

Special Education Major (Math Concentration)

     Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2008

     G.P.A. 3.7

Professional experience

08/2006-01/2007            Joy Collection                            Jackson, MS

Customer Service Associate

     Customer Assistance



06/2005-01/2006               Tougaloo College                          Tougaloo, MS

Upward Bound Tutor

     Tutored students in grade levels 9-12

     Assisted teacher in the classroom

     Served as Resident Assistant to students

Volunteer work

01/2008-Present            Jim Hill High School                    Jackson, MS

Student Teacher

     Taught exceptional students in grades 9-12

     Planned for instruction




Professional memberships

02/2007-Present            Mission First                                Jackson, MS

After-School Tutor

     Tutored students in grade levels 1-5

     Assisted students during extracurricular activities

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society

Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities



Available Upon Request

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